Contracting Services

Sun Ketch Construction is a full service contracting company, we provide design build services for our clients meaning we assist our clients from preliminary design to working drawings all the way through complete construction of the project. We apply this practice to all the types of projects we manage, new single family homes, new commercial construction, residential and commercial remodeling. It is our experience the sooner the contractor gets involved in the design process the more efficient the process will be. Many times owners contract with designers and are led to believe the drawings are complete only to realize many details are missing or there is quite a bit of value engineering available that was not considered during the design process. If the designer has to go back to the drawing board it will cost more time and money, that is why we like to be involved in the project as early as possible.

Sun Ketch also understands the importance of being environmentally conscience and incorporating the latest Green practices into our projects. We recently became a certified Green Building Professional through the National Association of Home Builders. This certification provides us with valuable information that we can use in our building practices to increase energy efficiency, water efficiency and the use of recycled materials. These practices not only save valuable resources but also lower operating expenses, increase indoor comfort, improve environmental quality and enhance durability which equals less maintenance.

The other part of managing a job is keeping track of the financial activity. We strictly manage all fund disbursements to assure owners receive proper lien releases for completed work. Our accounting/budgeting software allows us to closely track all construction costs, compare to original budgets and easily provide owners with prompt and accurate reporting of these costs.

One of the most important aspects of a good contractor is the quality of their suppliers and subcontractors. We have long standing relationships with our professional subcontractors, which allows us to deliver a top quality job on a tight schedule. Our subcontractors are all licensed and carry both workmen's comp. and liability insurance to minimize liability issues. Please take the time to review some of our previous jobs.